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  • choosing event type MIDI

    Hi - I am using an application I found ( which takes data from the Leap Motion, and converts them in to OSC. I have been successfully receiving those messages in OSCulator, but I can't seem to route them to Ableton via Midi. In osculator, if I choose event type, the only options I have are OSC Routing or Console Log. Any idea how I can fix this so that OSCulator will send these messages to Ableton? The OSC message I'm logging in processing looks like this:

    null:0 | /finger0-0 siifff

    and osculator mappings look like the attached picture:

    Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 5.10.03 PM.png

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    The OSC message has the following definition: siifff.
    That means that the first argument is a string, followed by two integers and three floats.

    You will need to extract values depending on the values of the previous arguments.
    OSCulator has a built-in feature to do this.

    • In the main list, select the first argument of the message /finger0-0 (in the screenshot this corresponds to the argument you left enabled).
    • Choose Edit->Demux and play with the Leap so new OSC messages are sent. The message /finger0-0 will turn purple and you will see new sub-messages appearing, namely "tool", "finger" and "origin".

    Now you can use the QuickLook window to see what each argument look like.
    For example, I have selected the argument 2 (third one) in the "finger" sub-message, and saw it corresponded to the value of the X axis.

    LeapToOSC Test.png



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      Ah - sweet! I'm not entirely sure what tool, finger, and origin represent, but this definitely works to get things into MIDI. Thanks for your help.