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CueMix Control with OSC

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  • CueMix Control with OSC

    This is sort of tangentially related to OSCulator. I am trying to control CueMix with my own software for a more command line experience. My program successfully sends and receives OSC messages to CueMix and controls the GUI when it is configured as an OSC Device with a manual IP address (, but only when OSCulator is also configured as an OSC device on a different port. My messages are not being routed through OSCulator, it's only reading output traffic from CueMix.

    Does anybody know why this would occur?

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    Hi artyvark,

    This sounds weird, could it be related to Bonjour discovery?



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      Hi Cam, thanks for responding! I think that you are right. Do you know what exactly is broadcasted by Osculator through Bonjour? I tried to use dns-sd to register my software without success using:

      $ dns-sd -R "OSC Test" _osc._udp. . 8005

      This outputs:

      Registering Service OSC Test._osc._udp. port 8005
      DATE: ---Tue 17 Feb 2015---
      14:36:07.464 ...STARTING...
      14:36:08.420 Got a reply for service OSC Test._osc._udp.local.: Name now registered and active

      However CueMix does not recognize it.