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What do these OSC messages do?

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  • What do these OSC messages do?

    Hey Camille

    No doubt it will be yourself who replies to this, being the OSC guru you are.
    Is it just yourself there? Good job!


    I'm a bit confused as to what some of the logic OSC messages received by OSCulator mean.
    In particular:


    It appears that I can't do anything with them? They only appear at bootup and then never activate again.
    They also have less options for the 'Event Type' column than that of messages I can use. (Attached images)

    Once again your guruness is much appreciated

    Your friendly Lemur Fan Dan
    aka SupernovaParanoia

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    Hi Dan!

    These messages are sent from Logic to OSCulator when the value changes. You cannot send those messages to Logic because they uni-directional (the directionality of message is specified in the file "OSCulator ƒ/Samples Library/OSCulator Plug-in for Logic Pro/README - OSCulator Plug-in for Logic Pro.html").

    They all have one argument that is a string. String arguments are not handled the same as, say, float or integer arguments. For example, it would not make sense to control the position of the mouse with a string argument because OSCulator wouldn't know what to do with that.



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      Thanks Cam

      Could you provide an example of where I would use this? Where to route etc?

      Ideally, I'm trying to get Lemur to respond to Logic (e.g, If I turn a knob in logic, it will reflect in Lemur)

      I know Lemur is hardcoded to listen on port 8000 and so I routed the OSC message to a second target on localhost:8000 thinking that would do the trick
      but I now realize that since Lemur is on the ipad and not on the computer (like Max etc), that wont work...right? (even though it's all through wifi??)

      Confused again...
      Your friendly Lemur Fan Dan
      aka SupernovaParanoia


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        Hi Dan,

        Sorry for the late answer.

        Lemur is not hardcoded to listen on port 8000, you can change it in the application settings.
        Also, it does not matter if Lemur is listening on the same port as OSCulator does because they are on two different hosts. If you want to know more about how OSC message work on the network, please have a look at the first chapter of OSCulator manual.

        But I understand from your previous messages that you are using Logic 10, which has a built-in OSC messaging system. I would recommend you try this first, and then if you are not satisfied or need further control, try OSCulator with the plugin for Logic Pro.