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OSCulator 3.0 is here!

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    Thank you for the quick reply!

    Originally posted by camille View Post
    I just tried with the version you mentionned and got the expected result:
    When the document is locked from the Finder "Get Info" window, the OSCulator list becomes grey and no unknown OSC messages are accepted. Furthermore, you can't manually change or create a new mapping (formely known as preset), or change the OSC input port.
    Conversely, when the "Locked" checkbox is unchecked, the message list becomes editable again and OSCulator creates a new entry for received unknown OSC messages.
    If it did not behave that way on your side, I'd be happy to have a closer look at your osc3 file. Please send it to
    I will certainly do that! Also, just for reference, here is a screen grab of the info window and OSCulator:
    Screen Shot 2016-10-28 at 11.01.53 AM.jpg

    Also, it is worth noting that I am running into this issue while using macOS Sierra. I have not tried the beta on any previous OS versions.

    Originally posted by camille View Post
    The current beta seems pretty stable. I know there is a bug crashing the app when a window is closed but it seems it only happens randomly, so it is a bit hard to track.
    I wished I got more user feedback, though I can see the beta program had some good success. If I can find some time next couple of weeks, I will roll a golden master candidate and make it the default download.

    As always, your suggestions are welcome.
    Awesome! I agree, the beta seems very stable (apart from the current issue I am having). I haven't run into any crashes, but if I do I will be sure to send you the crash reports!

    Thanks again!


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      Hi Paul,

      I just released OSCulator 3.0 release candidate 1.
      The locking problem on macOS Sierra should be fixed now, and you can lock the file (and consequently locking the OSC input) right from OSCulator.



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        It's working as expected on my system as well. Thank you so much for the fast turnaround on the update!!



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          Hi Camille - good to see documents can be locked, again, and that the columns on the Scalings page have been pushed left - no more fighting the damn scroll bar!

          When opening the parameters pane, OSCulator displays the Wiimote 'panel' by default - it's top of the list I guess - but for my setup, I only need to access the MIDI panel: could that behaviour be changed in a future update so the parameters pane reopens with the same panel as the last time? Or else reorder those 5 panels somehow, or collapse , or mute the unused ones?

          Request: love the Turbo Assign key trick - a great time saver - but Option key only assigns ascending values... an Option + Shift for descending values would be very useful too.
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            You are right, UI restoration still need a lot of works.

            - I quickly implemented your suggestion, though I might revisit this properly later.
            - The reversed turbo assign was implemented as well. Works for MIDI channels as well.

            Those changes will be published in 3.0-rc2.


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              Originally posted by camille View Post
              - The reversed turbo assign was implemented as well. Works for MIDI channels as well.
              Great - very useful for editing values of grid controllers - Launchpads etc.
              OSCulator descending values.jpg

              Another turbo assign tweak to speed up editing multiple messages:

              turbo assign sequence / series / scale - values of selected messages increase / decrease by a defined amount.


              [+] 12 - perfect for mapping octaves

              [+] 8 and [+] 16 - for mapping columns and rows of grid controllers
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                Amazing work, Camille. But, forgive me foolishness - how does one access the 25% discounted price? My licence from 2008 is obviously not SO recent... but I would still appreciate the discount.


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                  Hi parkingsun,

                  Every customer has a discount.

                  I sent an e-mail on Monday with everybody's personal discount code, but of course your contact could have changed since 2008. Just send me an e-mail to giving me a proof of purchase and I will send you a link to purchase with your discount.



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                    Thanks for the tip. I have a novation Launchpad S


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                      IR sensitivity


                      I'm using Osculator to track Infrared LEDs as part of an interactive art installation.
                      I find that I need the IR sensitivity on the max setting (+2)
                      Is there a way to increase this value?

                      (I have tried and exhausted all the methods I can find of increasing the power of the IR LEDs and have tried over 20 different 840nm LEDs)

                      Many thanks


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                        Hi Camile,

                        I bought Osculator V2 back in 2012. How can I upgrade to version 3 and do I have a discount for it?



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                          Hi Javier,

                          Yes, you benefit from a 25% discount for an effective price of $14.99.
                          Just send an e-mail to camille at osculator dot net and specify your OSCulator 2 license details.



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                            Great job guys. Thanks


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                     the cause of 'clear enough,' here's another quick, concise explanation....


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                                Osculator 3 is crashing on me nearly every time i close the parameters window. Any idea how to fix please