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OSC message for "Add [plugin name] to the insert rack of the selected track"

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  • OSC message for "Add [plugin name] to the insert rack of the selected track"

    Hey folks,

    I'm working on a dedicated MIDI Ctrl project and there is one feature I'd like to add to it and I need your help.
    Most of us have dozens of plugins, which (I guess) can only be added with the mouse. And for plugins we need 10 times in each project, this can easily make us nervous to deal with the mouse to find the right plugin.
    What if we just had a button, which would say to logic "Hey man, can you just add "FabFilter ProQ" to the selected track ? thanks man"
    And logic would add FabFilter ProQ each time we press the button.

    This would be pretty awesome wouldn't it ?

    Well the question is : can OSC work on this kind of stuff ?

    Thank you

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    Hello Theo,

    In order to do this you DAW has to be able add a specific plugin in response to an OSC message.
    I don't believe Logic can do that unfortunately.



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      Have you tried Reaper? Unlike Logic or Pro Tools, you can set up/save FX "chains," which is super useful for that kind of workflow. I know Reaper is fully OSC compatible too, so I wouldn't be surprised if there was a way to recall a specific chain using an osc command.