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cant get ableton to sync with touch osc.

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  • cant get ableton to sync with touch osc.

    hi, im using touchosc on my iphone to control ableton (mac os x snow leopard) via osculator.

    the iphone sends data and ableton responds to it, but if i manually move a fader or anything else in ableton, nothing happens (touchosc isnt receiving).

    ive set track and remote to on in abletons preferences (input and output) and all my network/port settings are correct, am i missing something

    any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

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    Hi lenrod,

    You description sounds alright.

    Here are some hints that can help you troubleshoot this problem:
    • Try to reboot both the computer and the phone.
    • If possible try to avoid a wireless router. There are some tips on the iPhone/iPad FAQ page about this.
    • Download the latest version (2.10), open the Parameters window, go to the OSC tab, and see if your iPhone is in the list of automatically discovered devices, and not colored in red. If it is in red that means that the computer has some troubles finding it.
    • It may be possible but unlikely that the back-mapping messages (the ones starting with /midi) are corrupted. In this case, just delete them, and they will be automatically created as soon as Live sends data to OSCulator. If there is no /midi messages, then it means that Live does not send anything to OSCulator, and that you should check Live's preferences.

    I hope this helps.



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      thanks for the quick response, ive tried all that, apart from deleting /midi messages, how do you delete them



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        Select the lines starting with /midi and press the Backspace key.