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Rewriting labels in TouchOSC

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  • Rewriting labels in TouchOSC

    Hi, I'll try to explain... I'm trying to rewrite text labels in Touchosc with the messages going from a rotary. At the moment I'm able to return integer values but I would like to return strings. Is there any way to iterate any kind of strings array and return the text at the array position wich should be indicated by the rotary?

    Hope this makes sense...


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    Hi CV-Gate,

    Yes you can do that but it is a bit experimental, in the sense that I think I will eventually deprecate this feature with something easier to use.

    Here's a post with the detailed steps.

    Please let me know if that answers your question, and if you need a sample file I can make one for you now that the forum has attachment capability ;-)


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      Hi Camile, that works perfect. I was doing it in a very similar way but with spaces instead of commas I think that it makes sense this way. Curiously I'm doing also a Waldorf Pulse layout like in that post.