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dynamic scaling min/max?

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  • dynamic scaling min/max?

    Hi, while working on a pd patch I stumbled upon Osculator. Love it and am about to buy a license.
    One thing I wanted to ask first (because it was one of the creative features of the pd patch I use):
    is it possible to dynamically generate the min/max values in the scaling page?
    something like assigning a midi ctrl to min & max.?.


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    Hi Boris,

    The scalings can only be given once a message has been registered.
    Could you please elaborate a bit on that dynamic scaling feature?
    Maybe it could give me an idea for the future.



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      Hi Cam, thanks for getting back.
      what my pd patch lacks is the dynamic and fast patching OSCulator provides . really great! thanks!!!

      which has proven to be great in a live context though is:
      a global min/max value (imagine a global "OUT.min and OUT.max in the Scalings Page).
      i.e. i have DMX coming into OSC.
      by default i scale it 0 - 127.
      but sometimes I want to redefine the output on the fly.
      -> for example: anything that comes in gets instantly scaled to 60-90, or something like that.
      simply to kind of mix/compress the outgoing info.

      other features that have proven to be great in a live context:

      a global CLOCK (in ms - how often the incoming signal is gated - basically a kind of like a metro on your "pause")
      a PORTAMENTO (in connection to the clock)
      and an instant INVERT (i.e 0-255 = 127-0)

      hope this is clear. lemme know if I can be more specific.
      cheers, boris
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        Hey Boris,

        It sounds like you would like to be able to apply transformations on the messages. This has been a oft asked feature, but I have yet to find a simple way to present these transformations without cluttering the interface too much. I keep your suggestions on my todo list, and hopefully will find a way to integrate them in the next major release.



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          just figured out a work around:
          OSC-> OSculater port 8000.
          incoming message split (both halves scaled the same).
          one get's sent to midi or whatever
          other get's piped through to osc port 8001 and the on to PD local host and there I can do the global scaling/clocking/portamento.

          thanks for the good work.
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            I guess you could implement a virtual "math" processor over all input or output, before and after the mapping. You could then for example apply variables such as multiplier value if you want to scale everything up to half or setup two variables where all values were re-scaled between these...

            Sort of like a compressor right after the mic and a limiter right before the final output in a mixing desk :-)