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Only getting 1-way communication

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  • Only getting 1-way communication

    I'm on Android, and have just had a great jam using Osculator with TouchOSC. So awesome.

    I'm considering buying Osculator, but I've only been able to get 1-way communication - ie TouchOSC sends signals to ableton, but nothing back.

    I read on another thread here who had the same problems simply changed the default incoming port of 9000 (to apparently anything else) in TouchOSC and also made the appropriate changes in Osculator - but I can't find anywhere in Osculator where to change its outgoing port.

    Where do I look to change the outgoing port from Osculator?

    Thanks for any help

    Note: I'm using osculator on mac osx.

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    Hi Bobby,

    When using TouchOSC (on iOS) with OSCulator, two way communications work like this:
    OSCulator detects a OSC device on the network (TouchOSC) automatically and sets up the default OSC routing target to that device.

    Now, I wonder if the Android version of TouchOSC publishes a OSC device on the network, and this may explain why the bi-directional communication fails to auto-configure. The solution is to set-up the default routing manually. To do this open the Parameters Window, and go to the OSC tab. In the table at the top, locate the default target (usually the first one), and enter the IP address of your Android device, followed by the input OSC port, for example as follows :

    Where should be replaced by the IP address of your device, and 8000 replaced by the input port configured in TouchOSC.

    I hope this will help you set-up your device properly.
    Please let me know if you have any other question.