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  • Logic 9 - OSCulator - TouchOSC re: markers


    I am pretty green when it comes to all of this OSC magic, but I am wanting to see if it is possible to receive info from Logic like marker names. I am a worship leader and want to control my click tracks from my iPad at the front of the stage while my MacBook is hidden in the back. Our songs are laid out in one project on the timeline by markers. In order to switch songs I simply go to the next or the previous marker. However, I would be blind as to which song I am starting without some sort of feedback that tells me which one I am currently and what's up next.

    Here is what my TouchOSC layout looks like:

    Is this possible? Any help is appreciated!


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    Hi Chad,

    I don't think there's an easy answer to your problem.

    Using MIDI or the OSCulator plugin for Logic Pro (OSC) only give you the possibility to increment or decrement the current marker index. I don't think there is any feedback on the marker index, meaning that this is not a value that you can receive.

    Even if you were able to control the marker index (set and receive the current marker index), you would need OSCulator to translate the marker indices to song names, and this would be very cumbersome. Imagine that you want to change the order, or simply remove or add a song, and you would have to change the configuration to reflect the correct song order.

    So the right solution would be to receive the marker name as a string when the current marker changes, but I am not sure this is possible. I will check the OSCulator plugin for Logic Pro in more details and if I find something, I will let you know.