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TouchOSC + OSCulator + Mixxx (1.11)

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  • TouchOSC + OSCulator + Mixxx (1.11)

    Hello all!

    I am very new at this, so I apologize if the description of my issue is ignorant. Anyways, I am trying to control Mixxx by way of my iPhone 5. I have downloaded the Bridge for TouchOSC, and successfully found the appropriate controller in the preferences window of Mixxx. However, only a few of the controls are actually working after I run the MIDI Learning Wizard (ex. master volume is responding, but the on/off toggle for Auto DJ is not). Is this a layout issue? If so, how do I go about fixing this? I'm using the "Simple" layout within TouchOSC, but apparently that doesn't match up with Mixxx very well...? This is where it gets hazy for me. Please let me know if I need to clarify additional things. Any help is much appreciated!

    Thank you.


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    Hello John,

    I can help you on OSCulator, but I don't understand how you use it.
    Could you please elaborate a bit more?



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      Hi Cam,

      I use OSCulator to receive signals from my iPhone while pressing buttons within the TouchOSC app. Once it receives those signals, I believe it then translates them into a language that Mixxx can understand on my computer. After calibrating the TouchOSC buttons to specific capabilities in Mixxx by way of the MIDI Learning Wizard, only a few end up actually working. The more I look into things, the more I think it has something to do with TouchOSC instead of OSCulator. Hope that helps explain my situation. If screenshots would help, I can provide those soon. Just let me know.



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        Hi John,

        I see in your first post that you mentioned the MIDI Bridge for TouchOSC.

        OSCulator and MIDI Bridge are two different applications and it makes no sense to use them at the same time.

        OSCulator enables you to transform any OSC or MIDI message into something else (OSC, MIDI, key stroke, HID, etc.). It is a powerful application, but requires a bit of learning to use it effectively. I recommend you have a look at the example files, and the User's Manual. You can access to the manual via the Help menu.

        It seems you have first to choose whether you want to translate OSC into MIDI using the MIDI Bridge or OSCulator. If you choose to use OSCulator, then you will have to do some minimal configuration in order to tell it to send MIDI messages to Mixxx.



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          I didn't know that they served the same purpose, thanks! Since I'm new at all of this, I will use the TouchOSC Bridge from this point forward.


          Now how should I proceed? Haha.


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            John, please understand that I am not the author of TouchOSC.
            May I invite you to read the documentation or post on TouchOSC's forum: