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iPad w/ TouchOSC + Logic 9.1.3 + OSCulator

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  • iPad w/ TouchOSC + Logic 9.1.3 + OSCulator

    Hi all !

    With the new update 9.1.3 (and 9.1.2) Logic can understand OSC. So they have a layout named "LogicPad" for touchOSC who work perfectly with Logic, without OSCulator.

    I've an iPad, and i modified the LogicPad layout (add one more page with xy pads).

    But, when OSCulator is open, Logic can't receive all the OSC messages, he can only undertand what OSCulator is sending (MIDI messages).

    So the choices is :
    To use Logic without custom layouts and without OSCulator with LogicPad.
    To use Logic with OSCulator and custom layout, WITHOUT the LogicPad and the opportunity to exploit the OSC capabilities of Logic...

    That sound bad.

    I'd like to route only some OSC message into OSCulator, and all the others to Logic, but OSCulator take all the messages for himself, even if i enabled "lock input".

    Is there any solutions ?

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    Hey Narwun,

    In the 9.1.2, Apple did say Support for OSC controllers, but that is not true.
    You should actually read Support for TouchOSC with the built-in layout.
    That is a way for Apple to say "hey we too have an iPad enabed controller app for Logic!".

    If TouchOSC is configured for sending data to Logic, OSCulator can't receive message from TouchOSC and vice-versa, if TouchOSC is configured to send data to OSCulator, Logic won't be able to communicate with TouchOSC.

    There is some kind of hand-shake happening between Logic and TouchOSC preventing any customization of the layout, or possibility to put OSCulator in between. Therefore the answer to your question is that you can use one or the other, but Logic is not made to work well is other OSC applications since it is not OSC enabled.



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      Ok i understand better right now, thank u !

      Always the best for live controlling is Ableton Live, export and then micro manage all the things in Logic...

      PS : comment tu traduis "kind of hand-shake happening" ?


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        Hand-shake : C'est un terme technique pour dire que Logic et TouchOSC se reconnaissent l'un l'autre en échangeant des données, mais qu'on ne peut pas intervenir à ce niveau :-) Littéralement : "il se passe une sorte de poignée de main"

        For english speakers, the "hand-shake" is a technical term saying that some data is exchanged between Logic and TouchOSC to make sure Logic will automatically connect to TouchOSC. It seems there is no way to connect Logic with another kind of OSC enabled device right now.