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Can OSCulator sends Ableton live Messages to 2 devices

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  • Can OSCulator sends Ableton live Messages to 2 devices

    Hi, I'm working on a setup where I use my Ipad and my Ipod Touch to control Ableton Live. It works fine, I can control the same fader with both devices but only the first device on the OSC routing window will update its value if I change it directly with the computer or with the other device. Can I get both my Ipod touch and my Ipad to receive the values Live sends? thank you!

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    Hi Celloboy,

    Because of a limitation of TouchOSC, OSCulator is not able to know from what device the OSC message came from when sent to a single port (i.e. a single OSCulator window). Therefore there can be only one automatically configured device per window, which means that you can do bi-directional communications with only one device at a time for one window.

    If you want to go bi-directional with two devices, you will need to open two windows. The best is to have one document per device with its specific settings. One document could listen on port 8000 and the other one on port 8001.

    There are three key details you will need to follow:
    1. Both devices need to be configured to send data to the respective documents. Check your Network Settings in TouchOSC.
    2. In Live, MIDI Settings, check that both OSCulator In (8000) and OSCulator In (8001) MIDI inputs are enabled for "remote" and "track" operation.
    3. In OSCulator, go in the Parameters window, OSC tab. Check that the document for the iPad has its default host set to the iPad, same thing for the other document.



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      Thank you so much for this fast answer, I'll give it a try soon.

      Second Question... I can't find a way to Key Map Ableton Live using Osculator... I send a Key command to live from OSCulator but it has no effect. I want to do that because I can map multiple buttons with the same key.. but not with a midi CC so it would be really useful... Am I missing something? I mean, I can achieve what I want using my computer's Keyboard but not using OSCulator sending a key message.

      Thanks again Camille!


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        Ok, so I tried what you told me, with the 2 separated windows. Now the Ipod Touch receive the message (because I can see the Red light flashing) but the faders and buttons aren't responding. It's very strange, because even when I start with a an empty OSCulator window and create only one mapping... let's say the Play button. On my Ipad I can map it and the play button will light if I push it on my computer. But when I do the same (starting from scratch) with my Ipod, the play button won't light, but I say the red light flashing to confirm that it received the message... Is it a problem with my layout?

        thank you again!
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          OK... So I confirm... it's a problem with my TouchOSC layout because with a new one it's working perfectly... but what can it be?! Any Idea?


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            Got it! Sorry for the spam! I had to pages with the number 1... so that's why the buttons weren't responding...

            I still haven't find how to key map with OSCulator though... I noticed that command like Command-Z to Undo are working just fine but not key mapping I edit myself in live... Hmm... Maybe it's not possible?!


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              Seems like Key Combos with only a single key or keycodes are working fine on my side. Is there something I can do to help you?
              However I noticed for example that the key "J" was not working, I guess that not all the keys can be mapped in Live.


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                It was my mistake with the Key mapping thing... everything's working fine now!

                But I do have a new question. Sometimes I have the same fader on 2 pages (let say the master volume... and I really need it on 2 pages of my TouchOSC layout) but only the one on the first page is giving the right value, the one on the other page is at 0. I Guess it's because OSCulator only sends the data to the fader on the first page, but how can I program it to send the data to both faders?

                Thank you so much!


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                  Hi Celloboy,

                  If your two faders send messages to the same MIDI CC or Note, OSCulator will create back mappings for both incoming OSC messages. However, when a back-mapping has been created for one fader in the list, it will not check again for the other fader if it does not exist yet.
                  So the solution is to simply delete the back mapping that starts with /midi and let OSCulator re-create it again. Then, it should normally be configured for both destination.



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                    Thank you That was too easy!

                    Je veux profiter de l'occasion pour te dire à quel point ton logiciel est incroyable! Félicitations pour ce travail qui nous rend la vie tellement plus simple et qui rend nos performances tellement plus impressionnantes. Tu peux être certain d'être dans les remerciements de mon premier album


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                      Merci c'est vraiment super sympa :-)
                      bon réveillon !