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How to import new layouts to ipad?

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  • How to import new layouts to ipad?

    I wonder if anyone can help. After hours of messing around i finally have Osculator, Touch osc and Reason 5 (on my macbook) talking to each other. (i can control reason drum pads via osculator using the 'record pads' touchosc layout on my ipad)

    I can also download new layouts for osculator (and open them no problem in the editor) but how do i get my ipad to load the new .touchosc layouts that come with them? i've tried adding my network as an 'editor host' is says 'downloading' for about 10 seconds and then tells me connection failed.

    Can anyone please tell me where i'm going wrong? I would be greatly appreciative.

    many thanks

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    sorry i worked it out. its pretty easy, just go to the editor, open the .touchosc file and press sync