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new to for inverted y-axis in logic

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  • el-bo
    thanks for your reply

    i'm actually using the 'simple' template that comes with touchOSC, and this is in portrait (and still inverted), but have found an option to invert the y-axis in the t-osc editor

    i actually am not completely happy with the 'logictouch' on the ipod touch, whereas the ipad version of logic's template is much more fully featured and useable...i will be looking to get hold of a second-hand ipad soon

    so, for the moment, i'm really looking to use the xy pad functionality in sculpture, alchemy and omnisphere....

    i have never used physical controllers before and this is starting to be a real headache for me

    i don't have any need for multiple wiimote control, at the moment, just using my ipod touch to control xy pads and some other controls for effects

    i just don't know how to do this without OSCulator, or whether it's even possible..i'm happy to buy this if i need it, but would rather not, if i don't

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  • camille
    Hi El-bo,

    Depending on the way you hold you phone, the Y axis of the XY control of TouchOSC appears inverted or not. (it seems the preferred orientation is portait, in which mode the Y axis is not inverted).

    There is an easy fix you can do to fix that: go to the Scalings Page (Command-F) and locate the message corresponding to the Y axis of the XY control. Warning: if your device is in landscape orientation the Y axis will correspond to the first argument (0), but in portrait it is the second argument (1).

    The demo has no expiration date, you can use it as long as you want. The only limitation is that it will first stop for 20 seconds after 5 minutes, and then every 20 minutes it will stop for 20 seconds.

    I have no problem of speaking about the advantages and inconvenients of using OSCulator.

    If you are satisfied with the LogicTouch layout (which is very complete and useful!), and that Logic Studio is you primary tool, then I guess there is not a lot of interest for you to buy OSCulator.

    OSCulator is however much more than a mere OSC to MIDI translator. For example, you can connect several Wiimotes which are great controllers (I personnaly prefer improvise automations in Logic with a Wiimote rather than TouchOSC, it feels more sensual / musical). You can also use a Wacom tablet, simulate Keyboard shortcuts, trigger AppleScripts, and many other things.

    Just take your time to discover the features of OSCulator, and come back to me if you have other questions.

    Please note that OSCulator is not compatible with the Xbox 360 controller as it is not able to receive HID data. I am working on this along with a lot of often requested features that I plan to implement in the next major version.

    Best Regards,

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  • el-bo
    started a topic new to for inverted y-axis in logic

    new to for inverted y-axis in logic

    just d'loaded the osculator demo touchosc, yesterday

    i'm new to this controller business, but am trying to find my way around...

    my first attempt has been to set up an xy controller for the 'sculpture' morph pad in logic....seems ok, except the y-axis is inverted...

    not sure where to change this

    any help would be greatly appreciated

    i actually have the latest version of logic which recognises the 'logictouch' template, straight-out-the-box, but i don't sem to be able to assign anything of my own without osculator..i'm sure you don't want to argue yourself out of a sale, but is there any reason i need osculator if logic supposedly recognises osc data natively....i will probably still buy this so i can use my xbox 360 pad as another controller, but i'm still curious

    one last long have i got before the demo expires ??

    many thanks