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  • Yamaha 01v with iPad

    I have been building a yamaha 01v layout with touchOSC and osculator to control our mixer and our ighting rig together in the same series of layouts. I have it working pretty well but was curious if a few things we possible.

    First. Is it possible to create a toggle for the channels that when selected it unselects the other toggles in that series using osculator? For example. I want to create a page for dng eq. I have the channel select buttons on top of the screen set as a toggle. So if I select channel 1 that is the channel I am changing the eq on. Now if I want to do channel 5 it unselects the previous toggle and selects 5. Would be handy for doing a page for eq. As well as for my lighting page if I select on toggle ovr a fader then go to the next it automatically deselects the previous toggle.

    I wasn't sure if this was a function of touchOSC or somethin I need to send back with Osculator. Figured since I can't find any forums for the latter that this would be a good pace to start. The idea is to make several pages for my band that would integrate sound and lighting all together with most of the control i would get by running yamaha studio manager.

    Thanks for your time.


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    Hi Jasems,

    I think this should be possible by using an "Meta / Enable" event.
    The idea is to enable other events by controlling the enable checkbox from a message.

    Suppose you have a toggle button that sends a message /1/toggle1.
    In OSCulator duplicate this message for as many channels you want to enable / disable.
    On each duplicates assign the "Meta / Enable" event, and in the Value column, select the target messages that you want to enable/disable (for example /1/fader1).

    When you press the toggle button, it will first send a value of 1.0, and the result is that the Enable event will enable the target message (ie will change the checkbox state in front of the message /1/fader1).

    Note: if you prefer to use a push button instead of a toggle, then you can use the "Enable Toggle" message. It will selectively change the checkbox state on each press of the button.

    The important trick to know about the Enable events, is that they switch the enabled state to the opposite enabled state. Therefore, if you uncheck the enabled checkbox of the target messages, when the Enabled event is triggered with a value of 1.0, they will become checked, and vice versa.

    If you need further details, please ask, I can post a small example.

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      Thanks for the fast reply, sorry for the slow response back. I am attempting to do this today, but am a little confused still. So I have 6 buttons in osculator & touchOSC setup on touchOSC as /3/multitoggle/1/1/1 through /3/multitoggle/1/1/6. So when I hit toggle /1/1/1 it lights up, now when I go over to toggle /1/1/6 I want it to unselect /1/1/1 and select /1/1/6 and so fourth through that series of toggles. I think what you are having me do will work, I just can't figure out how to do it. I will keep working at it, but just might need an example.

      Also, on a side note (I said a few questions in my first post but forgot to ask). Is there a way to have it send text to touchOSC? So when I hit a button to switch pages from 1-8 it changes all the fader numbers to 9-16 kind of thing? That might be a function of TouchOSC rather, but just noticed that the built in app for Logic 9.1.3 sends and updates text stuff so figured there might be a fancy way to do that with your app. Thanks again for your help!
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        Well, I can't seem to get this to work. Would you mind posting a small screenshot of how I should set it up? If I can get this profile finished I will post it in your template forums. I will just remove my lighting buttons since most people will not need that.

        Also, is the text thing not possible? Thanks again for your help.


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          Hi Jasems,

          Sorry I have not replied to your previous message.
          As soon as I have access to my computer I will prepare a small demo file for you.

          About the text : it would be possible only if you have the notification of a page change in Logic.
          What incoming message can you use to do that?
          Once you know exactly when to trigger the change, it should be relatively easy to send text to TouchOSC.



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            Hey there, thanks for the reply again. As far as the text goes, I only used Logic as an example of something that does change text on the TouchOSC software. I am just using straight midi from TouchOSC to Osculator to control the 01v.

            Right now if I want text in TouchOSC I have to make the profile in the editor and actually pre-place the text. I am curious of Osculator can send text directly to TouchOSC though. So if I have a list of channels 1-8, when I click on the button 9-16 it changes all the values of 1-8 to 9-16 isntead of having an entire seperate page of faders for 9-16. Maybe even change the patch names so if channel 1 is "Kick" when you hit that 9-16 button it changes 1 to "Guitar" instead (if channel 9 is your Guitar patch lol). Thanks!


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              Alright, now I understand, sorry for the confusion.
              But my question remains: what event coming from the 01V shows that you changed the page? More specifically, can you make something happen (in terms of MIDI) when you push the button '9-16'?

              Having access to the name of the channels would require support for MIDI SysEx, and even with that I fear OSCulator is not the right tool here. Sorry!


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                Thats ok actually, I can just make 2 pages of channels for that specific thing and lable them ahead of time. Was more curious than anything. Figuring out the toggle thing though will help me with some lighting pages I have made. Thanks again for the help.


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                  Hello again, I know you are super busy. Was wondering if you could show me an example of the toggle thing we talked about at the beginning of this post.

                  I have made some really cool things with Osculator and TouchOSC. I made some videos I can link to once I am finished editing them. Right now I have almost full control of my sound and lighting rig using your software w/TouchOSC. Thanks for all your hard work!

                  Also, is there a way to easily tell a multi fader in touchOSC that it is relative instead of absolute? Right now TouchOSC multi-faders only support Absolute. Just curious, no biggy if not. Thanks again


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                    Hello Jasems,

                    The problem with TouchOSC is that is does not provide a way to group buttons so they are mutually exclusive. The solution I have found is not optimal in the sens that you have to setup several OSC routings in order to turn the buttons off when one is on.

                    Also, I have found that it was very difficult to change the channel of a single control with that solution. I also remembered that it would have been useful to have an event that changes the MIDI channel of another message in OSCulator. So I implemented this Channel Change event, and made a small example to show how it works.

                    I will send you an email with an updated build so you can try this right now.


                    PS: It doesn not seem that multi-faders support the relative mode, I'm sorry I can do anything… I would suggest you ask Rob the developper of TouchOSC to implement that feature. Now that there is a forum for TouchOSC, it should be much easier to get in touch with him.