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Kontrol X1 inspired layout for Traktor Scratch 2

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  • Kontrol X1 inspired layout for Traktor Scratch 2

    Hi Guys!

    I know it‘s a long story but, you know, I love stories so enjoy reading!
    If you‘re not interested in reading my long story short: Spremberg‘s Traktor Touch 1 is an easy-to-use X1-alike TouchOSC layout for people using Traktor Scratch Pro with Timecode and an external Mixer!

    Well even if this is my first posting in this community I have spend quite a lot of time in here, mostly searching for TouchOSC mappings. Well most of the mappings I tried out made me regret my decision to buy an iPad for my DJing Job. No offense guys, they might be perfect for you but to me they all are way over the edge concerning the excessive amount of features put in that small display. The Jog-On layout which is pre-installed might be the best example for what I mean. After several hours of trying to figure out how it works I was not even close to a functional work flow. This was when I decided to make my own Layout.

    Let me describe something that nearly every touring DJ knows by his own life...
    As I play regularly in lots of different clubs, more the smaller ones than the big venues I tend to use the available equipment in the club. Travelling with own mixers or big controllers is a pain in the ass as some of you might know. While I usually wish for a Pioneer CDJ 2000 / DJM 800 setup lots of clubs made me stand in front of some older not HID capable CDJs and an A&H Mixer (no effects!) or even Denon equipment (again: no offense but I‘m just not used to it) or something worse. Sometimes they didn‘t even tell me what equipment I have to expect or that they won‘t fit my tech rider.

    It‘s important to me to know that I can play my set exactly the way I‘m used to it so I tried out working with the X1. The amount of features have been nearly perfect to me and with my own mapping it fitted very close to my needs but there are a few reasons why I decided against the X1 and made my own TouchOSC mapping even if it‘s close to the X1‘s functions: Less cables and the ability to play holding the iPad in my hands (DJs are the new rockstars ), WAY better portability and no extra tests on explosives at the airport security. While using my mapping I saw that the visual feedback, the multi-toggles and the XY-Pads make my workflow even better.

    Well enough talked here, it‘s up to the layout now!

    image (1).pngimage.png

    So these are my needs and the key features I embedded in the layout:
    • JUMP BUTTONS!!! (if you don‘t use them yet try them out. They are the main reason for me to use Traktor because they let you drop your tracks perfectly together without loops that are just confusing to me)
    • RELATIVE / ABSOLUTE MODE BUTTONS (when playing with timecode on non-HID capable CDJs)
    • PLAY BUTTON AND SYNC CONTROLS (I won‘t play on non Pioneer CD-Players or the CDJ100s)
    Two pages: One for Deck controls, one for FX. If you are interested I could also do a Mixer Page. If so please contact me via the E-Mail below.

    The features should be very easy to understand but just to make it clear:
    The Multi-Toggle with the numbers is the loop selector. The purple buttons below are the jump buttons. The length is controlled by the loop selector. The red Buttons are hot cues. The shift button only influences two functions while you hold it: the jump buttons are gonna jump one beat instantly without using the loop selector (if you‘re gonna use these buttons you‘re gonna know why ) and the browse arrows are gonna browse through the tree and not the list. Since I‘m not using the FX On buttons while playing I didn‘t implement them into the layout so please remember switching them on when starting Traktor. If you're using different FX settings you should just change the Labels which are on top of the buttons and pads using TouchOSC editor.

    The layout is usable with touchOSC bridge as well! You won't need any special Osculator settings.

    I still have some issues about the LEDs on the REL/ABS buttons. The REL button lights up, even if the track plays internal. I know that the problem is about the MIDI state. What I don‘t know is how to fix it. If you may help me please get in touch via the contact infos below!

    So long for my part now it‘s up to you: If you like my work here you might like my music as well. Please support my by supporting my music:
    If you have bugs while using my layout or some suggestions to make it better please contact me via these links or directly via e-mail: arne.spremberg [at] since I‘m not using these forums regularly.

    Have a nice time and rock the crowd using my layout!
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