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free easy-to-use TouchOSC Template for Traktor Pro + feedback

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  • free easy-to-use TouchOSC Template for Traktor Pro + feedback

    works with Traktor Pro V 1.2.4 and Traktor Pro V 2.03 or higher. make sure you use just one controller in Traktor, if problems ask:


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      Great layouts! Really like the clean design :-)


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        Hey Vukes,

        Great Layout! I have some questions.

        Whats going on in Osculator with all of the outgoing feedback information from traktor? (All of the messages with /midi/ccX/X )

        How are those messages showing up in osculator? And what is the value you are sending for the OSC routing? (the 0-> message).

        Thanks for a solid layout!



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          How you draw the lines?


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            just copied :-)


            Aber ein "Danke" wäre nett gewesen :-)



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              Sorry guys for being late..

              @Juggla: there´s no need to setup the feedback messages in Osculator. I deleted my OSC Routing to my iPad before I released it because Osculater will make new OSC routings when your setup is fine. Make sure you use port 8000 in TouchOSC on iPad and setup the output port in Traktor to Osculator Port 8000. Delete other control-devices in Traktor to make sure your sending the right messages.. Send me an email than I can give you a screenshot how the feedback looks in Osculator.

              @davidcaro: just make a normal label and write "______________", to easy....

              @Ionas Elate: oh ja, mann, habs bischen verschwitzt, 1000 Dank für die Browseridee! Dafür sind die Foren ja da um sich die besten Ideen zu sammel..nochmals danke..


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                very nice. is ok for v. 1.2.6. i have a proble with the sync


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                  Realy GREAT job!!!

                  Big thanks to U!

                  p.s. in browser I cann't choice next song, it's going like after 3 songs every time. It have to be like that..?


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                    Hello everyone.. My name is Mike, LA based DJ and Producer.. and this is my first post. Like many of you I was drawn to Osculator's integration with the iPad and Traktor/Ableton. Since finding this site and the small community that is here I've had a BLAST with LiveControl and some of the Traktor templates that I found in this specific thread.

                    First - PROPS for a clean and easy-to-navigate interface. I was dropping basslines and creating clean crossfades in no time. Setup and control files were a dream. While many people on these forums seem to be into creating unique controllers.. I was just looking for something simple (to look at) and involved (for mixing) and this template by vukes (? i assume) had me addicted within minutes of hooking it up.

                    After a few hours of playing around I wonder about 2 things that may be missing from this interface. (But this was FREE - thank you! and beggars can't be choosers.) However, if technology allows - would it be possible to include 2 elements to this layout?

                    1. pitch control on the mixer page. (or am i missing them?) what do you do if a mix falls off? I couldn't find adjustments.

                    2. Is it possible to actually see WHAT tracks you have in the library and navigate from the ipad rather than looking at the computer and pushing the ipad buttons? Lack of tactile control for browsing the menu made me go back to the mouse abit.

                    Anyway.. wanted to say AMAZING WORK! I really love this template!

                    mike walsh, la



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                      is now paid? omg i really want this layout