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  • Guitar hero- Strumming

    Hi guys i'm kinda new to this, and i'm trying to put midi note on to guitar hero 3 controller...

    the problem is i only want the note to sound when the fret button is held down and the strum bar is hit!!

    hope someone can help!!


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    Ah ah!

    This is something interesting.

    What you can do is the following:
    • Assign a MIDI Note to the strum bar, this should trigger the note when the bar is, well, strummed.
    • Assign a Latched Enable event to the fret button, and in the value column, choose the message that corresponds to the strum bar
    • if you hit the fret, and the strum message is disabled, you want to invert the "enable" state of the strum message. for this, click on the "enable" checkbox on the far left of the line corresponding to the strum message, this will invert the Latch Enable effect.

    What happens?

    The Latch Enable event controls the enable state of another message. If you disable the target message, then the MIDI Note won't be played. If hope it works, please come back if you have problems with that (I don't have a guitar hero controller so I can't send you a example, but you can send me your document to camille at osculator dot net).




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      Thanks thats soo good, The next part is for me to try to get a different pitch per fret, taking the way you did it, is there anyway of duplicating the strum bar Message to have one per note?? or Up and Down Strum?

      Can anyone help??


      Thanks anyway!


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        Oh well, yesterday I began to write the second part of my answer when the DSL line was cut …

        Here is my previous answer :-)


        Now that I am thinking about it, you may want to generate a different note for each frets … That would make sense.

        The example I will give is a bit more complicated, but it stays essentially the same. The only difference is that you have to trigger note from the frets, rather than the strum bar:

        • For each fret, assign a different MIDI Note
        • Now, duplicate (Command-D) the Strum message in order to have as many copies of this message as there are frets
        • To each copy, assign a Latch Enable message, and in the value column, choose respectively each fret messages. This will activate all the frets only when the strum bar is strummed.

        Now, when you play a fret, it is only played when the strum bar is strummed. And because each fret has a different note, it will play that note, only when the message is enabled.




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          Thanks so much for helping me,

          you've been amazing!!

          Thanks so much,



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            You're welcome!