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Have to unplug and replug the nunchuk every few minutes.

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  • Have to unplug and replug the nunchuk every few minutes.


    this my first posting, so before i write down my problem - Great program.

    I use an Imac (2011, I5, Ati 6970, Lion 10.7.2) with the last version of Osculator. I played around with two Games (Trine 1 from MacAppstore and the Flatout-2-Demo) and experienced repeating problems with the Nunchuk.
    I use original Nintendo-Gear (Wiimote, Motion Plus and Nunchuk) and never had a problem with the initial pairing. But every few minutes the Nunchuk functionally diconnect, which is simply solvable by unplugging and replugging the Nunchuk. When I look at the Osculator-Window the programm says it is still running, but it shows no actions when pressing a button or moving the device.
    The next thing I discovered, is that it seems to happen only, when I emulate an HID-Device. For instance using "Trine" via the Keyboard/Mouse-Emulation worked for over an hour, but using the "Gamepad-Emulation" just for a few minutes. But the last I point, I still try to verify.
    With my Wii every Controller works without a problem. Battery is > 70%.

    What could be the next step to figure out the problem? Are the useful Log-Files? Should I try it without the Motion-Plus-Device?

    Thank You

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    Just downloaded 2.11.2 today, may be it's more stable now

    It's me again.
    I just downloaded Osculator 2.11.2 and didn`t see the error again.

    I will try for next days and then I report again.

    Stay tuned


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      I'm sorry I haven't had the time to reply earlier, but thanks for keeping posted on that issue if it remains.


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        It happened again....

        My problem happened again, strange. Look at the first post.

        Is there any useful Information in the Log-Files?



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          Hi Christian,

          Could it be that you are in an environment where there is a lot of wireless interference? As I often say there are only few reasons why a Wiimote will disconnect:
          1. low battery level,
          2. wireless interference,
          3. low signal because the Wiimote is too far from the bluetooth adapter.
          I think the Wiimote driver is pretty solid, so I am not sure to be able to explain what is happening. If you want to run a more exhaustive test, please contact me by email, and I will send you what you need to run OSCulator with a more detailed log output.

          Best Regards,