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Another balance board issue.

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    Hi David,

    I asked this question because I haven't myself used my balance board for a few month.

    After I first replied to your message, I tried to connect my balance board to see if I can do something about the driver. What happened is that I had the exact same problem as you described, that is, the board connects ok but the only data I receive is the battery level and button A status.

    I initially thought that there was a problem with Mountain Lion, but was surprised as I already tested OSCulator, the balance board and Mountain Lion successfully.

    I found of the batteries was very discharged (I use rechargeable batteries) so I replaced all the batteries before trying again. Even though OSCulator was reporting 100% charge, the board seemed in fact malfunctioning because of a dead battery so I advise you to test the batteries individually and make sure they are operating at the required voltage (> 1.3 V).

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      It appears that it was the batteries. I was getting a 90% charge report with the old ones, and since the button was functioning fine I didn't suspect them at all. Thank you for all the help.



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        Thank you David, I confirm low batteries cause the issues you have reported.
        I have updated my previous answer to reflect that.