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Scale wiimote roll angles to set midi notes

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  • Scale wiimote roll angles to set midi notes

    Hi my names Jonathan. I'm designing a technology installation at my University using the wiimote.

    In short what im trying to do is here: - however this was done on a PC!

    In detail: I want to set the roll angles to specific midi notes. (i.e. C1, D1,E1, G1 and A1 - Pentatonic scale). So as I turn the wiimote I can trigger another note in the scale or a drum sample.
    I've duplicated the roll rows and set the input ranges separately. With the event type set to note params and value to pitch they are triggered by button A. But I can't get a restricted note selection. Its still cycling through all notes or just one as I turn the wiimote!!??

    I then changed the roll event types to midi note and chose its value. However the notes dont stop playing as I increase the angle on the wiimote and trigger the next note!!?

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    Well I've just read an post from Camille and I can't set angle ranges to specific scales but it is something I can do in Ableton using chord or scale midi effects.