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Wiimote and OSCulator causes bluetooth to say give up!

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  • Wiimote and OSCulator causes bluetooth to say give up!

    Hi folks,

    I have a project to submit for Uni that involves getting information from my wiimote into Max/MSP, so I am using OSCulator to do this, and have actually purchased it. However whenever I use Osculator with the wiimote, the bluetooth symbol at some point (can be between 2 and 20 minutes) will change from having the three dots in front (that signifies connectivity) to the squiggly line (signifying that bluetooth is no longer available) This is incredibly frustrating as everytime I use the wiimote with OSC, I have to shut down the computer at some point and turn it back on again, constantly, giving me a very short window of time to progress my project before bluetooth gives up each time.

    I have tried all the bluetooth fix settings I could find, including resetting the SMC but that did not help. Has anyone any solutions as to why this is happening? Is there alternative software I can use instead of OSCulator that you could suggest, so I can find out if it is the software causing the problem and not the bluetooth?

    I am running on a Macbook Pro 15" 2009, 10.6.8. I still get this problem even with OSC being my only application running.


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    Hi Elevatormusicmaker,

    This sounds like a hardware or (more unlikely) an operating system problem. I am a 100% sure that it is not OSCulator that is causing this failure. Oh well, OSCulator is indirectly causing the failure because it uses Bluetooth during that time.

    I would suggest you try the following :

    - backup your computer and reinstall the OS on a clean slate, then test OSCulator with no other software installed. If you don't want to mess with the currently installed system, try installing an new OS on an external disk,

    - find yourself an external Bluetooth adapter (take a look at and see how it goes.



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      OK, I'll try your hints in the mean time. Thanks for the tips Cam!