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Music w/ Wiimote- Osculator- MAX MSP- Kontakt

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  • Music w/ Wiimote- Osculator- MAX MSP- Kontakt

    Hey i've created a patch where I use wii/osculator/contact within max to have the control play notes depending on where it is/ how abruptly it stops & whatnot but i have a question:
    Does anybody know of a way to get play more than 1 note at a time (i.e. a chord) through Kontakt/ Max?
    I love where i'm getting with the sounds but it would sound more melodic if the notes could be set up to play a scale or chords.

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    Hi Maxdance,

    I am sure you can find plenty of MIDI generators, arpeggiators and harmonizers for Max.
    A quick search with these terms led me to this page, that might be interesting for you:
    Intro to MaxMSP: MaxMSP is a visual programming language that helps you build complex, interactive programs without any prior experience writing code.  MaxMSP is especially useful for building audio, MIDI, video, and graphics applications where user interaction…

    Btw, if you're into PureData as well, I would highly recommend these tutorials: