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Changing Vibration Parameters On WiiMote

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  • Changing Vibration Parameters On WiiMote

    Hey everyone! I just got started with OCSulator, and I'm working on a project where I want to WiiMote itself to vibrate depending on it's particular pitch/roll/yaw orientations. The default option in OSCulator is that you can have the WiiMote vibrate when a message is >0.5, but what is the easiest way to change this value? Also, if possible, where would I start in taking multiple parameters and vibrating according to those (i.e. roll and pitch)? I am using the old-style WiiMote which uses the MotionPlus attachment and Mac OS X 10.9.2.

    Thanks a bunch!


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    Hi Brad,

    You can't change the threshold of the Wiimote vibrate event, however you can change the scale of what is sent to this event. For this, I would suggest you go to the Scalings Page (View -> Flip to Scaling Page) and edit the output min and max range. You can use the Quick Look window to see how higher or lower then 0.5 your signal is.

    Now, OSCulator is more meant to act as a bridge rather than process complex rules, therefore it will be difficult for you to build complex rules upon which the Wiimote vibration occurs. I think you should look for an external tool like Pure Data or Max/MSP if you want a more fine grained control over how events are orchestrated.