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DJ Hero connection malfunction

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  • DJ Hero connection malfunction

    Dear Camille,

    I'm proud owner of a Osculator license and until yesterday enjoyed using it with great fun, however since I tried connecting my new DJ Hero Wii Controller, I got some kind of connection interferences, which makes impossible to scratch Native Instruments "Traktor" with it. Here's what happens when I connect the Wiimote (which works flawlessly without the turntable) with the controller: as soon as the connection is established the "/wii/1/dj/joy" sends constant erratic activities (indicated from the yellow led) and as soon as I define a "Midi CC" to "/wii/1/dj/right/platter" or ""/wii/1/dj/left/platter" it sends the same midi message with a velocity of 64. I monitored the behaviour with "Midi Monitor" in order to solve the mystery. Even when I disable the checkbox "/wii/1/dj/joy" there are messages send and activity shown. I allready switched the Wiimote, reinstalled Osculator and rebooted many times with no success.

    I'm using:

    MacBookPro with Mac OS X 10.6.6
    Osculator Version (20110122)
    DJ Hero Wii Controller
    Standard Nintendo Wiimote

    What could be the reason for this strange behaviour?

    Would appreciate your help.

    Regards Tristan
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    Hello Tristan,

    Thank you for your detailed report.
    Can I ask you if the Wiimote you are using has the Motion Plus extension included?
    This might be the reason for the problems.
    If this is the case, one thing you can do is check that the Motion Plus checkbox is unchecked in the Wiimote Drawer, then disconnect the Wiimote and reconnect it.
    It also would be interesting to know how everything work by starting to connect the Wiimote alone (in an empty OSCulator document) and then plug the Wiimote into the DJ Hero extension.

    If this does not solve the problem, I might have to ask you more questions and I will contact you offline.
    Please let me know a bit more and we'll see how we can solve this problem.



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      Thanks for your fast response. It's a plain old Nintendo Wiimote without the plus extension. As soon as I plug in the connection cable from the turntable the messages


      are popping up and the "/wii/1/dj/joy" shows a yellow flickering led wich indicates activity. I also have to say that there is activity on the "/wii/1accel/pr on 1:yaw" but I can disable it through the "wiimote drawer" with the checkbox right beside "Pitch, Roll, Yaw" so there are no messages further send.

      I havent got a clue.

      I opended up the "Quick Look" panel for the "x" and "y" of "/wii/1/dj/joy" and it seems as activity does come from "y", because the graph show some kind of green heartbeat line.
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        hmm, that doesn't sound good.
        Have you bought your DJ Hero extension recently?


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          I was hoping that you do not ask this question. I bought the bundle on ebay. So you could conclude that the controller is defect, but I tested him intensive with the Wii and the Game and everything works well.

          I have to say that the first time I connected the controller there were even more odd messages. After I reinstalled Oculator and disabled/enabled the "perfect pairing" option in the preferences there were gone (except the one I described here). So I think it must be a software conflict. Is there some other software which could give a basis for comparison?

          EDIT 2: Here's some video footage. As you could see, there is even more strange communication between the different actions. Now the xfader gets activated when I move the platter. By the way what means the orange lightning at all?

          Auf YouTube findest du die angesagtesten Videos und Tracks. Außerdem kannst du eigene Inhalte hochladen und mit Freunden oder gleich der ganzen Welt teilen.
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            Well, this was not exactly what I was going to say :-)

            I was just wondering if the model you was different from the one I had to write the driver.
            I will check out the video tomorrow it seems it is not yet finished converting. I'll also send you a special build of OSCulator that will gather more output so I can understand what's going on.

            PS: the yellow activity lights means "message received but no event triggered".


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              I bought me a second one on ebay. This things are pretty cheap nowadays, about 18 - 25 Euro, but I would appreciate if you send me the modified osculator version to dig deeper in the meantime.


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                I'll buy myself a second one as well, and send you a custom build this evening.


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                  Im experiencing similar problems when my DJ Hero Turntable is connected, as well as the constant messages from "/wii/1/dj/joy". Did you guys resolve this issue? THanks!


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                    Oh and the crossfader doesnt got all the way across in Traktor either.. =(


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                      Hi ScottyDoo,

                      Please try to update the application.
                      This has been enhanced in the last version.
                      (I'm not saying fixed, because the joystick and crossfader are still sending messages at random intervals, and I have no control over this).



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                        Hi Camille,
                        any updates as for as the turntable platter sending signals to the crossfader?


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                          Hey Scott,

                          I'm sorry I haven't time this week to have a look on that matter.
                          I have however purchased a copy of Traktor so I will be able to see if I can do something. The problem is that the spurious events are generated by the controller itself and I'm unsure if I'll be able to filter them out.

                          If you could share the oscd file you use with me, and if you have one, a Traktor mappings file as well, this would be very useful to me.



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                            Hello Scott,

                            Did some testing today, and found out that I recently fixed the crossfader issue, but only when the turntable is pugged on the left hand side of the controller, and the file you sent me shows that you are using the controller on the right hand side!

                            I should be able to greatly reduce the crossfader interferences …
                            I'll let you know.

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                              I have the same problem. Crossfader detects platter movement and left/platter never appears...

                              MacBookPro with Mac OS X 10.6.7
                              Osculator Version (20110320)
                              DJ Hero Wii Controller
                              Standard Nintendo Wiimote