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Thread: OSCulator Plug-in for Logic Pro

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    Hi Camille,
    bought OSCulator yesterday and I'm quite happy with it and the Logic Plugin: at last I can have my BCR2000 receiving MIDI feedback!!!
    I've successfully mapped the logic EQ but what I would like to accomplish is, more or less like Chab, having my BCR 2000 acting like a channel strip.

    So I would like to control few parameters from insert 1 (let's say Britson gain) few other from insert 2 (e.g. gate), few from insert 3 and so on (eq, compressor, etc etc). I could of course use the Logic Controller Assignment Learn function but I will have no MIDI feedback in that case.

    Could a build you mention, with an increased number of params, hep here or a "pageless" and "insrtless" version would be needed?

    Thank you.

    Kind Regards


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    Hi Fulvio,

    Here is some feedback I received from Chab (the original requester of more parameters) soon after he tested the new build:

    Hi Camille,

    In case you wanted to give the 64params build to other, i have some weird problems with it. Standalone tests on independent parameters works fine, both ways: osculator->logic & logic->osculator. But when using many params together in real world, Logic starts messing around randomly: I'm not receiving all the expected msgs from Logic, and it progressively gets worse. I suspect that Logic (or the bundle) has too many "controller assignments" to handle simultaneously and gets naughty. :-D Same config with the 16params assignments works great.

    Anyway, don't worry, I start understanding why 64 params is not common, lol LOTS of messages are involved on any simple action! So.. i'll find my way with 16params + some custom "zone modes" in Logic. I'll share it on the forum when ok.

    Thanks again for your help!
    I would not recommend using more parameters, is there any way you could with a more simple setup?


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    Hi Camille,
    I'd like to use the Osculator plugin to have a /logic/track/name msg sent out to Osculator to direct forward to an iPad to lemur (for switching interfaces).
    So far I can see the activity in Osculator,so when I mouse click a track in Logic,I see a number of entries show the yellow light in Osculator-I know I have communication from LPX to Osculator.What I'd like to know is if the Logic track name gets sent out as part of the osc msg address,or is it in the argument? Ideally I'd like to have a discreet osc address sent out for each track so the iPad can switch to the right controls.(articulations for instruments,midi cc etc) I need more then 8,so I can't use the track/focus/ .

    I'm wondering ,if the above does not work,can I use track ID instead?

    any thoughts welcome...
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    While I'm waiting,just wanted to add that I see in the Console app-

    /logic/track/name: "Audio_1"

    as a message from osculator when i click on the track named "Audio_1" on the LPX arrange page.This is routed to the console log via simple msg.So I see that LPX is indeed sending out some form of track name by way of using the osculator plugin,and I can click the many tracks and the names are broadcast out via osc message.

    What I'm trying to figure out is if this is the same as-


    Because at the moment the Lemur app in the iPad is not responding to this,and will not accept an osc message in the exact format as the console app is showing.In Lemur there can be no spaces.

    so close.....

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    The message /logic/track/name is sent when a track is select with the track name as a string argument. You should be able to route this message to the Lemur. In the Console app, what you see is a textual representation of the message, the colon and the space are only there to separate the address from the list of arguments. I am not sure exactly how you can set the contents of a label widget in Lemur but I guess routing the message with a string argument to the proper OSC address should work.


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    Hi Camille,
    I know I'm very late to the party here, but I used OSCulator for an assignment recently and saw that you made a plugin for Logic.

    Is this compatible with Logic Pro X?
    Also, in the README from the zip file you've attached it says to:

    "Copy the file "OSCulator.bundle" into one of the following directories:

    • ~/Library/Application Support/MIDI Device Plug-ins
    • /Library/Application Support/MIDI Device Plug-ins"

    I am unable to find a MIDI Device Plug-ins folder the application support folder in finder.. Do you have any possible solutions?
    Many thanks

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    Hello Jonno,

    If the folder does not exist, you can just create it. Be sure to use the exact same name.
    The plugin works with Logic Pro X without problem.


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    Thanks so much!

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    Logic Pro X Input from Lemur

    I installed the Logic Plugin which appears as a control surface, ii have lemur connected with knob sending and OSc Message

    /Ring_01/Knob1/x as Event type osc Message and Value D (Rewrite to same address)

    The output monitor of osculator shows sending /Ring_01/Knob1/x , but no matter how i try im not able to see this appear in logic or set it as a controller assignment? or basically have any effects on an logic paramaters at all?

    I would really like to be able to send osc messages to control logic parameters.. what am i missing?

    Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 9.26.56 AM.pngScreen Shot 2017-01-28 at 9.27.17 AM.jpg

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    Hi Helios,

    The message sent from your Lemur through OSCulator must be translated to something meaningful for the Logic Pro Plugin. Logic has no way of knowing what to do with /Ring_01/Knob1/x.

    The included documentation gives you the list of all supported OSC addresses. In order to make it less tedious to type all possible addresses, a file with the oroutes extension is provided, which contains a set of pre-canned OSC routes.


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