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  • logarithmic mapping

    Apologies if this is already possible, and I haven't worked out how.

    Arbitrary mathematical operations on values would be ideal, and seems to have been requested a number of times. But failing that, a preset logarithmic option on the scaling page would be very handy for mapping a slider value to a gain value on an audio mixer, so that the slider responded like a normal audio fader. Essentially it would map the Midi 0-127 range to the -inf (probably -100 would do) to +10 range matching the markings on many Midi faders.

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    I have the same problem.
    I'm Trying to map APC40Mk2 to remote OSC capable soundcard MOTU Ultralite AVB. Everything works fine, but when I move the slider for 2mm up from zero on the MOTU mixer fader jumps from 0 to half of range.
    Is it any way to make it linear? In this way it almost unusable.


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      If you "Flip to Scalings Page" from the "View" menu, you can change the overall OSC range that Midi 0-127 maps to. Don't know if you have already done this.

      My issue is that I am mapping a fader to gain values from 0 to -100 which are applied (I believe) in dB. So when my fader is half way down, the gain is at -50dB which way more than half way to faded right out on a log scale.


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        I have tried this ... the full range on MOTU is 0 - 4 , with this range I have full fader movement.
        When I give for example 0 - 0,5 I can see fine movement but only on small part of OSC fader.
        I think your problem is the same.
        The solution for now could be to Edit > Split original CC fader source to ranges with different min max resolutions for example 1st range on CC could be 0-10 and map it on OSC to 0-0.1 and second range 11-20 map on OSC 0.1-0.5 and so on until 127 on midi side and in my case 4 on OSC