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    I'm trying to setup a template using TouchOSC for some basic Pro Tools functions and wondering if someone here can help me out.

    I have a keystroke from a button sending ALT+T to open the Transport window.
    It works the first time I press it and then it only sends the T for about 5 seconds after wards. It does this with all modifiers.

    I'm trying to setup multiple modifiers but not getting any action. SHIFT+COMMAND+N doesn't work, for example. I single modifier works as above.

    I'd like to know how to send keys from the numeric keypad on my qwerty. Numeric pad 7 or the Enter key have different functions from the main set in Pro Tools.

    If anyone has any info to help me past these hurdles it would be greatly appreciated!

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    Just a note that I've been playing around with OSCulator and have found out how to use keycodes to send Pad 7 to Pro Tools, along with multiple modifiers for the commands I need.
    I was able to sort through the commands from the project linked below and get the pieces I need for my own custom template.

    I know this is basic stuff and just took me a while to sort out but if anyone else needs help setting up their custom Pro Tools TouchOSC project, I hope this helps some.

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